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Leather Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Cardiff, Carpet Cleaners Cardiff, Carpet Cleaning Newport

Leather cannot be cleaned using machinery and has to be treated in an entirely different way to any other fabric.

There are many types of leather that can be treated in many different ways to get the final article. Therefore many pieces of leather furniture that may at first glance look the same, may need to be cleaned in different ways to achieve the best results.

Carpet Cleaning Cardiff, Carpet Cleaners Cardiff, Carpet Cleaning Newport

Our Cleaning Process

Firstly the furniture is vacuumed to remove any dry dust particles, soil, food, etc, that sometimes find their way into crevices and seams. This will make the cleaning easier.

Then a non aggressive cleaning solution is sprayed onto the leather, allowing the bond between dirt and leather to loosen. This must be given at least 5 minutes to work thoroughly.

Finally, a cleaning and conditioning cream is rubbed into the leather a section at a time. Then the area is wiped using either leather cleaning mits or terry towels. This process allows the loosened soil particles to be removed and the leather regains lost oils. This will re-soften the leather and prolong its natural life.

We offer professional Leather cleaning in Cardiff, Newport, Caerphilly, Bridgend & Pontypridd areas of South Wales.