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Carpet cleaning Cardiff

Carpet Cleaning in Cardiff, Newport, Caerphilly, Pontypridd, Barry, Penarth & Bridgend for 33 years

The cleaning method we use for cleaner carpet cleaning is primarily the "Hot Water Extraction" cleaning method, known generally as Steam cleaning. This process is recognised by all the leading carpet mills and suppliers as the most thorough method for deep cleaning Carpet fabrics.

This system is the only true way to give your carpets a deep fresh clean, that removes not just the dirt and grit in your carpets, but also any germs and bacteria that may have found their way into the fibers, remember that the longer you leave between cleans, the more damage this will do to the carpet fibers.

Firstly after inspecting the carpet fibers, we mix up a Pre-spray that is applied to the carpet area using a high pressure sprayer. This Pre-spray contains the latest Micro Splitting agents, that split the chemical bond between the soiling and carpet fibers. It is an environmentally friendly solution with

  • No bleaching agents
  • No optical brighteners
  • No detergents

Therefore it will not leave any sticky shampoo or detergent residues in the carpet fibers, that are the main cause of carpets attracting dirt, getting dirty faster than normal and needing to be cleaned more often. (You may have encountered this if you have cleaned your carpets yourself using either hired machines or a small machine you have at home.)

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Certain difficult spots are pre-treated with special cleaning solutions to increase chances of removal. (note: stain removal is not guaranteed as some stains are permanent and un-removable)

The pre-spray is then massaged in to the carpet using a contra- rotating or rotary scrubbing machine depending on construction and soiling, to enable the Pre-spray to work deep into the pile and loosen the soiling, pollen, dust mites, cigarette ash, etc from the carpet fibers.

Dwell Time
The Pre-spray is left for the chemical reaction to work. This dwell time will differ depending on chemicals used, soiling, carpet construction and mixture but normally 10-20 minutes.

Rinse Extraction
Finally we use an Advanced High Powered Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Machine to thoroughly clean and rinse out the carpet fibers, leaving the whole carpet, cleaner, fresher, and healthier. The system and equipment used enable drying times of approx 2-4 hours and if necessary, we can provide whole room driers to dry carpets immediately.

Any marks or stains still appearing during the Hot Water Extraction Process, will be treated with various stain removal techniques and then the carpeted area re-cleaned.

We spray a natural deoderiser over all areas cleaned, leaving a pleasant fresh smell to your property. This can sometimes be added to the rinse solution.

Carpet cleaning is a job for professionals, note that all carpet cleaning companies are professional, and should only be attempted by experts, cleaning your carpets yourself can often damage fibers and seal certain stains into the fibers of the carpet. With 32 years experience in the industry we are fully qualified to offer advise and give you the best results possible. We believe that if we cannot remove that unsightly stain from your carpet, using all our years of experience as residential and commercial carpet cleaners, then it cannot be removed.

Protective Treatments

  • A protective spray can be applied after the cleaning process, such as scotchgaurd.
  • Helps protect carpet from oil and water based stains
  • Gives you time to blot up spills before they become permanent
  • Helps carpet resist everyday soiling
  • Prolongs carpet life

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